I took a brief hiatus from the blog world and hope to start off again.

I describe myself thus: Hightly sarcastic, a bit too cynical, fiercely honest, compulsive insomniac (thus the blog name), politically incorrect, agnostic bordering on atheist, liberal, avid reader, average movie buff, mystery novel lover, a Bush hater, introverted animal, aspiring photographer, football fanatic, a dedicated madrista, an average writer, bit of a loner, trustworthy friend, very philosophical, an average student but an above average professional, global citizen, fierce humanist, and a faithful Chavista,

Others describe me thus: A misfit in the world, very eccentric, occasionally rude, arrogant too, an bit of an ego maniac, a fool, hopeless idealist, America hater, a godless creature, a trustworthy friend, too philosophical, ….those are the only things I can think of at present, will add to it when I remember anything else.

I was born in India but consider myself a global citizen although I still continue to hold a soft spot for my country of birth. I am just another NRI who thankfully doesn’t belong to the software field.

Get to know me more on my blog.

Need to get in touch with me? – Leave a comment here.


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